We have some house rules to keep the costs as low as possible so we can offer you low prices. 

It seems a lot, but you wil notice that it is needed to keep the cars in good condition and the prices low.


Rental terms and conditions

Island Car Rental Curacao



A. Reservations

To make a reservation at Island Car Rental Curacao ,you only have to fill in the contact form at our website, with the required information ( name - e-mail - telephonenumber and rentalperiod).

Within 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with the rental contract and the bill.





B. Rental rates

The rental rates are based per calendarday, starting at the day on wich the car is transferd.

A part of the day will be seen as a full calendarday.                                                                       The minimum rental period is 3 calendardays .                                                                               The rent will be charged per day, per week/month, there is a reduced rate for long term rental. The rental period ends at the moment  the car is returned. All prices include WA insurance. 


C. Age and drivers license

The minimum age to drive a rental car is 23 and the driver must be in possession of a valid drivers license for at least one year.


D. Autorised driver

The vehicle can only be driven by an autorised driver. An autorised driver is a driver and every additional person that is present at the time the car is picked up and signed the rental agreement and is in possession of a valid drivers license.  Other persons aren not allowed to drive the rental car.


E. Additionel autorised drivers

Every autorised driver is expected to be able to drive the car. 


F. Drivers license

The driver and the aditional driver has to show a valid drivers license. The license must be valid during the entire rental period. A valid drivers license cannot be (temporarely) revoced.

G. Payment

After receiving the bill, you pay 50% of the agreed rental amount at one of our bankingaccounts or in cash. Then the reservation is final. The deposit will be paid in cash at the pickup of the car in Euro's, US Dollars or in Naf.  ( exact change only ).  If you pay the deposit by bank, be sure that it is on our account before you pick up the car.


H. Cancelation

When you cancel your reservation more than 28 days before the pick up date, we will charge you Naf 50,- administration fee.
When you cancel your reservation wthin 28 days before the pick up date, we will charge you 25% of the total rental fee.

When you cancel your reservation within 48 hours before the pick up dat, we will charge you 50% of the total rental fee.

I. Deposit

At the pick up of the rental car, you will pay a deposit. The deposit will be € 300,-  ,  $  400,-   or  Naf  600,- .


J. Personal risk

Your personal risk will be.  €  2500,-  ,  $  4000,-   or   Naf  5000,-

You can insure yourself for this.  (only when you live in the EEG)


K. Fuel.

The car will be deliverd with a full tank of gas. When you return the car, the fuel tank has to be full again. In case the tank isn't full, we will make an estimate. The costs of the refill will be charged on the deposit.  We use the locale price + 20%.


L. Responsibility and insurance

The renter and additional driver(s) are fully covered for 3 rd party collision and malfunction of the car.
Goods which are deliverd with the vehicle, such as keys, jack, sparetire and goods which are rented extra, such as babyseat, Gps and so on, have to be returned in the same condition as they were handed out.Loss or severe damage will result in replacement costs, which will be charged on the client. The cost will be based on the today replacement price of the part.


Using of non paved road is only permitted on roads which will lead you to public beaches or tourist attractions.In  case of this the renter provoces the terms of the rental company and in case of an accident or damage there is NO coverage from the insurance company. The damage will be charged on the renter. 

The renter is during the rental period responsible for all costs made through traffic violation parking costs and all costs made through his behavior. ( off road driving, parking violation, speed tickets and so on).


M. Responsibility (third party damage)

The vehicle is insured for damage brought to third party according to the law. Ther is a maximum insured amount, wich is written on the insurance-policy. The insurance company has to pay till this amount in case of damage brought to third party, unless you admit guilt.   

The terms of the insurance policy also aplies to the renter/driver of the vehicle.

Claims which are greater than the insured amount, are charged to the renter/driver of the vehicle.


N. Damage by collision, lost or other cause (CDW/LDW).

The vehicle is WA insured, taking into account your own risk als written on the rental agreement.

This amount will be charged at any damage, unless the damage is recoverable at a third party,  This at first rating of Island Car Rental Curacao and for final rating at the insurance compani.

Ful charge for the damage for the renter/driver is all damage caused by:                                        (1) Violation of the rental agreement by the renter / driver. 
   (2) Leaving the keys in the car.
   (3) Not properly locking the car, or leaving windows (partially) open, not locking all doors and the trunck , wich lead to burglary and/or destruction. 
   (4) Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or medicines.
   (5) The driver beeing conscious reluctant.
   (6) When the insured rentalcar is towed away, before instructed by the police.
   (7) When the vehicle is used on off road tracks/purpose, other then the normal entree to public beaches and turist attractions.
   (8) When the driver does not inform and wait for the arrival of CURACAO ROAD SERVICES           ( Forensys/CRS at collision damage) or the POLICE ( burglary / vandalism ) direct after the collision/burglary . When there was a collission / burglary / vandalism  DON'T MOVE THE CAR unless the police or Forensys orders you to do so.  Please take pictures yourself.
   (9) The renter does not pay the costs of the rental agreement.

    Personal accidents, including death are not covered



O. Applicability conditions

These conditions are informative and can be changed at all times. When we deliver the car, we will offer you the latest and most recent terms and conditions.



Finaly we will bring to your attention that SMOKING and / or ANIMALS are NOT ALLOWED in our cars.


OFF ROAD driving or holding a contest is absolutly forbidden.



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